Record Store Day: April 22th 2017

Hello everyone. So this year Record Store Day falls on Saturday April 22nd, and as usual we will be making a nice, long day out of it. Doors at the store will open at 9:00 am (since RSD are so limited, there is always a line waiting to get past years people have started waiting in line anywhere from 2 am to 6 am, so take this into consideration!). This year, the first 5 customers in line will get a free custom REPO RECORDS TOTE BAG and a Repo button with their purchases. First 50 people in line will get a free Repo button with their purchases. On the corner of 6th and South, we have rented the vacant store front to do our annual Record Store Day show that will start at 12 pm and run until about 6 pm. Check out the bands we have lined up this year below. Also see a list below of some of the special releases we are expecting to have this year!!




RSD 2017 band LINE-UP

12:00 Dark Web (PHL)

Self-proclaimed "sewer punks" Dark Web’s debut self-titled EP (now available on cassette via Suicide Bong Tapes) is the perfect remedy for a politically apocalyptic landscape. Their latest slew of anthems is unabashedly aggro (but in a good way), rooted in anxiety, angst, and audaciously messy emotions like paranoia and fear. Thematically grim yet cathartic, Dark Web’s mosh-ready riffs and punk-as-fuck swagger make heartbreak, alien invasion, and atomic bombs palatable. (from Philadelphia deli magazine)



1:00 POSERS (Phl)


From their Facebook page: "If Posers were born in '77 then they graduated in '82, fucking all the rules. They are a straight forward punk band who aren't afraid to show their power pop sensibilities. They will suck you in with their anthems and make you feel all happy and warm inside, then without warning they will tear into the next song and slam you violently to the floor. You'll leave feeling elated yet angry, high like lines of cocaine but a body that's bloody and pained. Never a dull moment. They'll give you all that they've got, but you'll still want more. The vocals are perfectly pitched, powerful, full throttle, from the heart. The instruments as well as their masters are finally tuned, confident, fearless. This band will bring back your faith. They will raise you from the dead. In ten years you will play them for your little brother or your nephew or young cousin to convert them to this lifestyle called punk. Posers? They aren’t who they think they are."


2:00 RESIDUELS (Phl)


3:00 BIRDS (Nyc)

(taken from nyc Deli Magazine) With a name bound to trigger confusion (not only with a similarly named bands from the '60s, Brooklyn's Birds channel a sound more than slightly influenced by the imaginative '90s psych rock of The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev, bands that for truly incomprehensible reasons have been left behind in the recent '90s rock revival (for the unaware, at the time The Flaming Lips were a different band than they are now). If it's true that all new music is a re-elaboration of music of the past (and true it is) Birds can enjoy the advantage of a sound influenced by great records not many other current emerging bands seem fond of. 




Native to the Philadelphia region, Remote Control is a species of the Blue Wave family. The body of Remote Control is divided into three distinct parts, each uniquely formed to aid in its unusual mating call; and thusly its proliferation and continued survival in the harsh environs of its natural habitat. Its distribution continues to become more widespread, but it can often be spotted in Western Philadelphia. Remote Control’s coloration varies according to season, but tends to be predominantly dark. It is nocturnal and almost entirely herbivorous, but when necessary will feed on whatever it can capture and devour whole. As a species of the Blue Wave family, Remote Control’s behavior is docile unless provoked, with the exception of it’s mating ritual which reaches loud volumes and involves an elaborate dance where the participants appear as though they are weeping.


Purling Hiss is the psychedelic rock project of multi-instrumentalist Mike Polizze. Based in Philadelphia, the project was named so because of its heavy use of distortion and white noise. Originally conceived for his own personal amusement and desire to experiment, Polizze eventually self-released Purling Hiss (2009) and began touring with a live band. Polizze was already an established musical figure in the Philadelphia rock scene, having previously played guitar with Birds of Maya. (taken from Wikepedia)

Some RSD Releases We Are Expecting...

Against Me// Air// Andrew Jackson Jihad// David Bowie// The Cure// Deee-Lite// The Doors// Flaming Lips// Fleetwood Mac// Goo Goo Dolls// Grateful Dead// Jane's Addiction// Head and the Heart// Luna/ Lil Uzi Vert// Madonna// Stevie Nicks// Notorious BIG// Iggy pop// Prince// Ramones// Procol harum// Red Hot Chili Peppers// Sex Pistols// The Smiths// Patti Smith// Space Jam soundtrack// Sting// Sunny Day Real Estate// Sublime// The Sword// Talking Heads// Tegan and Sara// Allen Toussaint// Blade Runner soundtrack// Nuggets// War on Drugs// Neil Young// Frank Zappa// Alice in Chains// Animal Collective// Balance and Composure// Big Star// Black Angels// Blind Mr Jones// Black Lips// Blowfly// Danny Brown// Johnny Cash// Cheap Trick// The Chills// Coheed and Cambria// Dave Matthews Band// Dillinger Escape Plan// Districts// Fat Joe// Filthy Friends// Ben Folds// The Germs// Goat// Hawkwind// Jimi Hendrix// Iron and Wine// Sharon Jones// Kinks// Lumineers// Marcy Playground// Meters// Nico// Pearl Jam// Gram Parsons// Pink Floyd// Bruce Springsteen// Sublime// Spoon// Super Furry Animals// Sun Ra// The Sundays// Superchunk// Television Personalities// Temples// Toto// UGK// Vitamin String Quartet// Wipers// Dennis Wilson// Link Wray// Zombies// Brian Jonestown Massacre// Raincoats// Priests// Spacemen 3// T Rex// and many more!!!



JACCI: Hawkwind- Best of the United Artist Years, Venom- At War with Satan, Blind Mr Jones- Stereo Musicale, Brian Jonestown Massacre- Polpot's Pleasure Penthouse


FRANKWaylon Jennings- Waylon Forever, Superchunk- Cup of Sand, Count Five- Psychotic Reaction, David Bowie- Cracked Actor, Today is the Day- How to Win Friends


MEEME: Flower Travelin Band- Anywhere


NICK: Blind Mr Jones- Stereo Musicale, Pin Group- Ambivalence


CHRIS: Dennis Wilson- Bambu, Super Furry Animals- Fuzzy Logic, Hudson Mohawke- Witch Dogs, Marcos Valle- Vontade de Rever Voce